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Star Artist Derrick Adams Explains the Radical Power of Making Work About Black People ‘Just Being, Living’

February 5, 2020

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The Trench Town Rock Experience :: Chalice on Fire II

June 4, 2018

Chalice on Fire II

Errol McKinson

Oil on canvas 24 x 24


The typical gathering of the people of Trench Town to hang out and smoke herb tenement yard style.

As many of you know, Jamaica is a beautiful little country that's rich in history, but how did it become so synonymous with cannabis culture? If you're curious how cannabis came to be so prevalent and well-known in Jamaica, we thought we'd share a little research we dug up on the topic that may enlighten you.


Jamaica was claimed for Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1494 by conquering the native Taíno people, who were the island's inhabitants. It was not colonized by the British government until about 1655, by which point a majority of the Taíno population had succumb to disease, famine, or forced labor.


From 1655 until the mid-1800’s, the British shipped slaves from West Africa to toil the land and harvest the coveted sugar plantations. By 1810, Britain had abolished slave