Coal Miners Series

The Coal Miners Series was born in the era of Covid19 Pandemic. This is a tribute to the hard working Men and Women in the mining Industries.

Mckinson Gallery has exhibited widely since I first appeared in the art world in, from birth. As an Artist most of my shows and exhibitions have taken place locally, I have  also been developing a formidable reputation nationally and globally.

Coal Miner - Jake the Foreman Oil on Canvas GW 12 x 12 x2.JPEG

Coal Miners

Jake - The Foreman

Jake aka Bossman has been in the mining business for several decades and planned to retire soob. 

Coal Miners

Santiago - Site Supervisor

Santiago, following in his Dad's footsteps, has been in the mining business for several years.

Coal Miner - Sal the Site Supervisor Oil on Davinci Pro Grip Textured Gesso Panel 12 x 12
The Col Miner - Sal the Roof Bolter  Oil on DaVinci Textured Grip Gesso Panel 12 x 12 x 2.

Coal Miners

Sal - Roof Bolter

Salvador, aka Sal, one of the most experienced and well-known roof bolters in the mining industry.

Coal Miners

Marcus - Backhoe Loader Operator

Marcus, an original welder, made a career transition to backhoe loader in the coal mining industry.

Coal Miner - Marcus the Backhoe Loader Operator Oil on DaVinci Pro Resist Grip Textured Ge