The Coal Miners Series

The Coal Miners Series was born in the era of Covid19 Pandemic. This is a tribute to the hard working Men and Women in the mining Industries.

Mckinson Gallery has exhibited widely since I first appeared in the art world in, from birth. As an Artist most of my shows and exhibitions have taken place locally, I have  also been developing a formidable reputation nationally and globally.

Coal Miner - Rosa the Mine Safety Manager Oil on Davinci Resist Grip Textured Gesso Panel

Coal Miner

Rosa - Mine Safety Manager

Rosa was born in a family of Coal Miners, from a teenager she as always enjoyed the trips to the mines with her Dad. Today she is the Mine Safety Manager.

Coal Miners

Dorothy - Pit Brow, Ripper

Dorothy aka Queen of the mine. Dorothy has been picking stones from the coal after it was hauled to the surface for many years. She also serve as a Ripper.

Coal Miner - Dorothy the Pit Brow Ripper. Oil on DaVinci Pro Grip Textured Gesso Panel 12
Coal Miner - Judah the Scoop Operator. Oil on Davinci Pro Grip Textured Gesso Panel 12 x 1

Coal Miners

Judah - The Scoop Operator

Judah the Scoop Operator. Judah work along side his Grandpa a Mine supervisor for many years and is considered his biggest influence.  

Coal Miners

Jimmy - The Site Manager

Jimmy started his career 15 years ago, serving in several roles. Today he is one of the most reliable site managers, according to his peers.

Coal Miner - Jimmy the Site Manager Oil onDaVinci Ultra Smooth Gesso Panel 12 x 12 x2.JPEG