Meet the New Innovators: 8 Artists Who Are Disrupting the Traditional Way of Buying, Selling Art...

Clockwise from left: Tyler Mitchell, Alice Hattrick, Lizzy Rose, Leah Clements, Ryotaro Muramatsu, Emeka Ogboh, Lauren Halsey, and Solange.

These eight individuals are working outside the bounds of traditional institutions and shaking up the status quo for the better.

A version of this article first appeared in the fall 2020 Artnet Intelligence Report, which you can download for free here

Why wait for dealers and collectors to evolve the business model for creating art when you can do it yourself in your studio? These eight individuals are disrupting the status quo, for the better.

Meet them below and see the complete list of the New Innovators, our list of entrepreneurstastemakersinstitutional change agents, and community builders. Check back for more in-depth profiles in the coming days.




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