Chained :: Ginger

Chained - Ginger

Errol McKinson

Oil on Canvas GW 36 x 36

Ginger represents millions of Women in the struggle fighting for equality and justice.

It is estimated that one third of the approximately 15 million people who were deported from Africa through the Transatlantic Slave Trade were women. Enslaved women carried a triple burden. In addition to enduring the harsh conditions of forced labor as a slave, they experienced extreme forms of discrimination and exploitation as a result of their gender and the color of their skin.

Initially, slaveholders paid little attention to the reproductive role of enslaved women. They preferred to pay for new slaves from Africa than assume the costs of raising enslaved children. As the abolition of the slave trade approached, the import of slaves from Africa soared. However, after the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act entered into force in 1807 in the British Empire, the population of slaves declined. This led to increased labor demands on the enslaved populations.




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