From a Mind-Blowing Milestone for Artificial Intelligence Art to the Fire at Dia: Beacon: The Best a

Cliff at Pourville

Cliffs at Pourville, Errol McKinson,Oil On Canvas 24 x 24


AI Extravaganza – After Banksy‘s art-shredding spectacular at Sotheby’s, Christie’s managed to pull off an even more high-tech stunt this week, successfully selling the first AI-generated artwork at auction for a staggering $432,500, more than 40 times its estimate.

JR Takes on America’s Gun Problem – TIME’s special edition focusing on gun control in America features a stirring, epic artwork created by street artist JR. The artist traveled around the country to meet with activists, politicians, and those affected by gun violence, who he photographed and filmed as part of a multiplatform artwork.

Open Access at the Art Institute of Chicago – The landmark Chicago-based museum has made more than 44,000 images free to download, thanks to open-access software.

Doctor’s Prescribe a Dose of Art – The healing powers of art will soon be put to the test, as doctors in Quebec are rolling out a pilot program that will allow prescriptions to include museum visits.

An Old Master Becomes a New Hero – A powerful painting by the female