Mother and Child :: Cane River :: Bull bay Jamaica

Mother and Child at Cane River

Mother and Child at Cane River

Errol McKinson

Oil on Wood 9x12

Mother and Child was created from my visits to cane river as a kid. This is a river that attracted many kinds of people. They come to the river get to meditate, wash, swim, Sleep, you name. Cane River located in Bull Bay on the south east coast of Jamaica 10 miles to the east of Kingston on the border between St Andrew and St Thomas, beside its lesser-known sister, Cow Bay. It is said that both bays were so named because the whole area was once a slaughter centre of the buccaneers and the English colonialists.

Bull Bay is located in the flood plain of a number of rivers: Salt Spring River, Chalky River, Bull Park River, Spring Gut River and Cane River.



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