The Skylines of NY the great City :: A view from Central Park

A view from Central Park, Errol McKinson Oil on canvas  24x18

A view from Central Park

Errol McKinson

Oil on canvas 24x18

New York City is defined by its skyline—the silhouette created by Manhattan's buildings is instantly recognizable and utterly mesmerizing. In fact, NYC is home to more than 200 buildings measuring 500 feet or taller, roughly double that of its closest US competitor. You can appreciate the skyline's grandeur from the observation decks atop the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and Top of the Rock, and revel in its scope from lower vantage points like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Brooklyn Heights promenade. Here's a guide to some of the City's essential skyscrapers—organized, naturally, by descending order of height. Click here

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