Cry Not For Me My Willow Tree: Weeping Willow I

Weeping Willow I Oil on canvas 16x20

Weeping Willow I, West Laurel Maryland.

Errol McKinson

Oil on canvas 16x20

From the Weeping Willow Series. Weeping Willow I inspired by Claude Monet the reknowned master of impressionism.

The Willow Tree can be inconsistent in height. The tine Dwarf Willow, reaching a diminished height of only 2 inches, grows almost as a grass in flood plains, whereas the Weeping Willow can grow up to 65 feet in height and spreads out to at least 40 feet in width. Willows are fast-growing, and grow best when in full sun with access to water, gaining more than 10 feet a year.



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