Weeping Willow at Tiergarten Germany

Weeping Willow at Tiergarten Germany

Weeping Willow at Tiergarten Germany

Errol McKinson

Oil on Canvas 36x24

During my visit to Germany I was strolling through one of the most poplar park, Tiergarten. I came across this beautiful weeping willow. The street signs are scarce in the 210 hectares of parkland that form Berlin's Tiergarten, but getting lost only leads to finding a new hidden treasure. Popular among locals and tourists, for summer days spent under the shade of the weeping willows at the water's edge, the Tiergarten swallows you up in its tranquil beauty.

Remodelled in the 19th Century by Peter Joseph Lenné, the design was inspired by English landscaped gardens. Rich in an assortment of greens and dotted with wildflower arrangements; the unspoiled nature compels you to picnic, laugh and wander with friends.

The park is located on the northern and central side of Tiergarten Ortsteil and is bordered, on the northern side, by the river Spree. The little quarter Hansaviertel borders on it at the north-western side and the Zoological Garden is situated on the south-western side. The principal road is the Straße des 17. Juni which ends, in the east, at the Brandenburg Gate.

Other main roads are the Altonaer Straße, Spreeweg and Hofjägerallee. In the middle of the park is the square named Großer Stern ("Great Star") with the Siegessäule(Victory column) located in its centre. In addition to the Brandenburg Gate, other notable buildings and structures located close to the park are the Soviet War Memorial, the Reichstag, the Bundestag (all in the eastern borders), the new central railway station (in the north) and, on the southeastern borders, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Memorial to the Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialism and the central square of Potsdamer Platz.

In the northerly neighbouring quarter of Moabit a much smaller park bears the same name, thus both are differentiated as Großer and Kleiner Tiergarten.



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