Your Weekend Entertainment Quix fix: Morley Safer, Journalist, Contentious TV Art Critic, Dies at 84

Legendary journalist Morley Safer, a longtime “60 Minutes" correspondent, has died at 84. He had announced his retirement just last week, said his employer, CBS, in an obituary, pointing out that his was the longest run of anyone on prime-time television in the US.

He became known in 1966, when he broadcast footage on CBS News of American soldiers burning the homes of Vietnamese villagers.

Morley Safer

Morley Safer

November 8, 1931-May 19, 2016

But in 2012, he branded “Yes … But is it Art?", a segment from nearly twenty years before, one of the program's most controversial because of its dismissive view of contemporary art. It highlighted works by heavyweights such as Robert Gober, Jeff Koons, and Christopher Wool.