Your Weekend ENT Quix Fix: Mindy Kaling, Ken Jeong and more reveal racism, sexism faced in Hollywood

Source: NY Daily News

Hollywood is a hotbed of racism and sexism where casting agents demand stereotypical accents, female bosses are perceived as divas and execs are reluctant to cast black actors, according to dozens of women and minorities in showbiz.

Ahead of Sunday’s Oscars — mired in controversy over a jarring lack of diversity among the nominees — several actors, directors and producers revealed to the New York Times the soul-crushing discrimination and humiliation they’ve faced in an industry that's been slow to change.

Hollywood is a hotbed of racism and sexism, according to dozens of women and minorities in show biz.

“(In a mid-1990s) meeting, I was determined the lead would be a black woman, and I remember the executive saying, ‘Why does she have to be black?’ And me saying: ‘She doesn’t have to be; I want her to be black. Why would you not consider it?’” he said.

“It was stunning that they were so comfortable (saying that) to a person of color. That was the most painful, that casual disregard for my experience.”

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