Rodin bust stolen from Copenhagen art museum

Rodin's 'The Man with the Broken Nose'. Photo: Scanpix

Source: Denmark

Two art thieves made off with a bust sculpted by French artist Auguste Rodin on July 16th in what is being described as one of the biggest Danish art thefts in years, Politiken newspaper reported on Thursday.

The bust, ‘The Man with the Broken Nose’ from 1863, was stolen from the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek during the museum’s opening hours.

According to Politiken, the two thieves came dressed as tourists, made their way directly to the Rodin Room, removed the sculpture and walked away with it in a bag. The whole thing took just 12 minutes and they were undetected by both security guards and other museum guests.

Museum officials declined to put an exact value on the piece, but Politiken said it has been valued as high as $300,000 at the international art houses of London.

“It’s terrible. We lost an important work in the collection,” Flemming Friborg, the director at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, told Politiken.

Although the theft happened over one month ago, it was first made public on Thursday. Copenhagen Police told Politiken that they are collaborating with Interpol and Europol on the assumption that the theft was a well though-out and perhaps internationally-organized operation.

“The perpetrators visited the museum to explore the premises about a week before the theft, and they must have known what they were stealing,” police spokesman Ove Randrup said.

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