10 Art Essays You Should Read From July 2015

Nicole Eisenman

Nicole Eisenman, Three Women (2015) Photo: Galerie Barbara Weiss

Source: Artnet News

“Body of Work" by William Gass, Art Papers Gass recounts his decision to leave writing about art for nursing school. The result is both personal essay and theoretical treatise on the moral imperative and therapeutic vocation of art criticism.

“Crimes Without a Scene: Qian Weikang and the New Measurement Group," Liu Ding & Carol Yinghua Lu, e-flux Journal/Supercommunity Recovering a bit of recent art history, the authors track down China's near-forgotten and new-to-me New Measurements Group, which seems to have vanished into thin air under the pressure of its own far-out artistic logic.

“A Fearful Frenzy: The Art Market Now" by Peter Schjeldahl, The New Yorker Enjoy Schjeldahl's Olympian, debate-starting thesis statement on what the current art market boom means (and doesn't mean).

“Forces to Be Reckoned With" by Michelle Wright, Artforum A complex examination, passing through Langston Hughes and Darby English, of the multitudes contained within the concept of “Black art," from the author of the Physics of Blackness.

“How is the artist or writer to function (survive and produce) in the community, outside of institutions?," by Sesshu Foster, East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines A passionate, angry poem-as-essay about the “bureaucratic cult" of academia, race and class in L.A., and artists' debts to the communities around them.

“Irony, Sincerity… Is There a Third Pill?" by Angela DuFresne, Art21 DuFresne uses gender theory's reimagining of the body to propose some new ideas about what a “body of work" might mean in contemporary art, with considerations of Shelia Pepe, Nicole Eisenman, Glenn Goldberg, John Waters, and, yes, Caitlyn Jenner.

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