Best and Worst of the Art World This Week in One Minute

Pari Dust

Getting an Instagram shoutout from Pari Dust can actually help galleries sell art. Photo: Instagram/@paridust

Source: Artnet News


1. We borrowed the overused term "disruption" and handpicked 17 peoplewho are making similar strides in the art world, like Anne Pasternak,Theaster Gates, and, yep, Stefan Simchowitz.

2. We learned the secrets of Larry Gagosian's success, which include hiring mostly women, paying people well, and rarely bothering with small talk.

3. German mega-collector Hasso Plattner said he may move his collection to Palo Alto if Germany passes a controversial law.

4. The next generation of A-list London art dealers were unveiled; then,check out New York and Berlin!

5. Artist Jamie McCartney has made casts of over 400 vaginas in order to showcase the diversity of women's bodies.


1. A seven-year-old boy found himself trapped inside a sculpture on Hilton Head island—not a great argument for public art.

2. British art dealers Donald Smith and Emma Poole have sold their gallery and have fled the country over allegations of debt, fraud, and theft.

3. The New York Times proved to be a little slow on the uptake with theirtrend piece on Instagram art sales.

4. Mexican photojournalist Ruben Espinoza was murdered in Mexico Citybecoming part of a disturbing trend.

5. The sad story surrounding art world hotspot Happy Ending continues to unfold, with two women alleging that they were abused and raped at the downtown nightclub, which is partially owned by Marlborough Galleryscion Max Levai.

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