Joan Mitchell Center In New Orleans Launches Artists-in-Residence Program

Lehna Huie, Mothership

Lehna Huie, Mothership, 2012.COURTESY THE ARTIST

Today, the Joan Mitchell Center–part of the Joan Mitchell Foundation in New Orleans–announced the recipients of their first ever artist-in-residence program. Twenty artists from throughout the country were selected for the inaugural year, with residencies starting this fall at the Joan Mitchell Center’s newly-incepted campus in New Orleans. Today’s announcement comes in the wake of The Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Emerging Artist Grant Program earlier in the year.The full list of artists is below.

Blane De St. Croix, Sculptor, Brooklyn, NYGlexis Novoa Painter, Miami, FL, Helen O’Leary Painter, Brooklyn, NY, James Biederman Painter, Long Island City, NY, Julie Green Painter, Corvallis, OR Lauren Adams Painter, Baltimore, MD, Lavar Munroe Painter, Germantown, MD

Lehna Huie Painter, Brooklyn, NY Lisa Sigal Painter, Brooklyn, NY Maia Cruz Palileo Painter, Brooklyn, NY Pam Cardwell Painter, Brooklyn, NY Robert Hodge Painter. Houston, TX Roy Staab Sculptor & installation artist, West Allis, WI Shoshanna Weinberger Painter, Newark, NJ Vandana Jain Sculptor, Brooklyn, NY Xenobia Bailey Sculptor, New York, NYCommunity Engaged Artist-in-Residence: Heather Hart, sculptor, Brooklyn, NYEmerging Artists-in-Residence: Cecelia Givens, painter, New Orleans, LA Miro Hoffman, painter, New Orleans, LA Paul Wright, painter, New Orleans, LA

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