Arstist Statement


Having been recognized as a resilient and vibrant artist, I am inspired by the warmth of nature that surrounds me. As a creator of nature on canvas, panel, or whatever the surface is, it takes discipline, will power, courage and determination to represent nature in its true form, pure! I am inspired by some of the greatest painters who have ever lived. I favor impressionism because it’s a true representation of nature. Inherently, I have been a painter from creation, and as I grew older I realized that when you are chosen for a specific purpose you hold the key to your destiny.

My process is a very simple one, which I believe leads to a great end result. After careful observation of the motif, weather for time of day, weather or season, and most of all the narrative within, I make a few thumbnail sketches in graphite and color; the drawing is then transferred to the canvas, panel, board or wall depending on the surface. As I proceed, I paint what I see within the light key which transforms the object to life.

Currently, my overall body of work is represented in a total of nine series; A Look at DC and Water Lilies at Giverny, just to name a few. These are mainly from life experience throughout my travels as I capture nature at its best.


Errol W. McKinson,CEA